Off to the Woods

In a few hours me and the family will jump into the truck and head up to the White Mountains. To say I'm a little excited is an understatement. It's been a while since I've been there and I love the place. It has also been a while since just us went camping and that is great as well. I decided to bring my Edirol R-09, my Sanyo HD2 and my Cannon Digital Rebel XTi and that is IT for technology. The reason for the Edirol is that thanks to my buddy Mitch Joel I thought it might actually be fun to do a Managing the Gray in the wild or have the ability to capture my thoughts in the field. It's not something I do often enough so who knows. A One Guys Thoughts from the campground or somewhere is going to happen. That much is for sure. *grin*

The forecast is mixed, but that is part of the fun of family vacations. It makes for good memories even if it sucks while going through it. I look back and laugh at trying to hold up a tent in a HUGE thunderstorm when I was little. I think it was in Canada? I just know that it was insane! :)

Ok, I told myself I was going to log in, make sure there was no more fires to put out (had to deal with one last night) and then I was turning off the computer and getting going. I love unplugging!

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