Rezzing, Foovies, Woohoo


Yup, it's one of those days again. Actually it just sort of oozed like jelly from yesterday into today. Further proof that this weekend's camping trip is PERFECTLY timed because I need it. No technology. Woohoo!!

The picture in case you are curious if from one of our Foovies. Those were the times and I look forward to doing more. Always full of ideas, never any time. Of course watching my buddy Eric's video Rezzing this morning didn't help. Makes me want to go do more stuff immediately. It has been a while and I've got a head full of projects. The one at the forefront is "God's Eternal Campfire" which I am determined to do someday, but it needs a very dedicated weekend and locations to pull it off right.

Lots to do before heading to the woods. LOTS to do.

Off to the Woods

Hot Humid Morning