PodCamps Need to Help Others

Yesterday on Accident Hash I talked a bit about how I really feel that with the collective power of unconferences happening around the globe that we've got to harness that power and use it to help others out more. I was specifically talking on the show about the idea for a PodCamp New Orleans, but this is bigger then that. What I would love to see is for each event to adopt a cause, charity or something along those lines where attendees can help support the community. I just now read about the PodCamp Philly Rocky Run to Benefit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia which is exactly what I'm talking about. It is a perfect mix of fun and helping at the same time. I donated the minute I heard about it and now am debating if I want to run the stairs or take pictures of the fun. It's a hard decision. I also had to instantly e-mail John Wall since I know he's the biggest Rocky fan I know.

I had some good conversations with people lately about how PodCamps are getting a little redundant. The same people keep going to them and talking about the same things. Collectively I think we all need to push hard to stop doing that. To shatter the echo chamber and make these events about so much more then tips and trick sessions and socializing. I LOVE both of those things, but I want to see everything take it to the next level and extend the community out several circles to include and help more and more people.

My thoughts are not fully formulated and I'm under caffeinated as I write this. But, I know I can't be the only one thinking this. We need to pull together and reach out to help people. As I help organize PodCamp Boston I'm making it my personal goal to work this concept into the event in some fashion. I challenge every other organizer of a PodCamp or similar event to do so as well.

Would love to know your thoughts.

Update - I'm a tool and totally forgot to mention the great efforts that I know Podcasters Across Borders did this year to raise money and collect books for Kingston’s Central Public School

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