My Mind is a Bubbling

First Day of School 2007I'm up and at them this morning. I've been feeling a bit off the past couple days and going to bed early (including a complete CRASH on the couch during the Pats game) seems to have paid off as I feel much better today. The kids are home as it is a "professional day" at the schools. Dylan is up and at em like usual and Emily is sleeping in. Laura and I were discussing last night how much she has grown up this summer. A big change for her and one that we love and are scared of at the same moment. This time flies by for sure and that is why I make sure to spend as much time as possible with them. Family comes before everything in my book. This picture is of them on the first day of school. She's catching up to Dylan in height rather quickly.

It has been a busy week. Big project I'm working on that I really enjoy where it is heading. A client that gets it and who wants to get it more. That's a beautiful combination that you don't find all that often. Oh and they have the magic third piece of the puzzle, a budget!

I've also been doing a lot of thinking about virtual worlds and where they fit into the overall equation moving forward. SLCC opened my mind to some things I wasn't thinking about and I've been noodling in a big way. We'll see where it goes.

Also realizing that PodCamp Boston IS going to be huge. I knew that, but the reality of it is setting in very quickly. Bigger numbers mean more logistics. It is going to be a crazy time leading up to the event, but I also know that it is going to be an amazing weekend. Lots of new faces coming this year already based on registrations!

It is Friday. It is a long weekend coming up. No special plans except for a BBQ with old friends tomorrow and further work on getting the house in order. I MUST break out the new lawnmower for a ride around the grass. It needs it in the biggest way.


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