Today is BlogDay. Did you get the memo? *grin* Blog Day 2007It is a day to share blogs you like with the world. I figured I'd share some that you might not know that I read. My Bloglines is full of lots of different type of readings so lets mix it up and share a few with you in the spirit of the day.

Back to Iraq This blog is written by Christopher Allbritton, former AP and New York Daily News reporter. He is on the ground in Iraq writing about what he sees and what he feels. No news filters here. just straight up raw honest blogging. I've been reading it for a long time now and I look forward to the day that he can leave and move onto someplace else in the world.

Laughing Squid Between the amazing photography and the pop culture content I'm not sure how anyone could not love this site. I first discovered it after seeing a sticker on someone's laptop and it's been a daily read ever since. I highly suggest checking out the Flickr feed as well. It is always full of inspiring photos.

Web Worker Daily This is actually a very new one to my morning surf. I'm not sure how I missed out on this for so long. Insightful information, links and advice on working in today's always connected world. It certainly earned it's spot at the top of my "life hacking" folder that I maintain. If you are a fan of the Lifehacker and 43Folders type of vibe I'd suggest adding this one as well.

1TrackMind I told you I was going to give you some variety so here you go. This one isn't exactly safe for work as it deals with sex news and usually has a nice fun and twisted angle on everything. It's blunt and honest and I'm sure freaks some people out, but the writing style always cracks me up which is a good thing.

UberNoggin This is not a site to read passivly and then go about with your day. This one is made to stretch your brain and get you thinking about things differently. I'm happy to call Sarah "Intellagirl" Robbins my friend and I was so excited when she started this blog. I try not to ever read it first thing in the morning as it is sure to sidetrack me almost instantly.

So there are several different blogs for you to check out. If you post a list let me know so that I can check yours out. Not that I need more blogs to read, but I'm always looking for compelling content to add to the constant flow.

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