Quechup Just Spammed My Address Book

Any of us who join any new site or service these days have gotten use to seeing the familiar "see if anyone in  your address book is already using the site" feature where it'll look through your address book and tell you who are members. In most situations you can connect with those already using the service and then have the OPTION of if you want to invite other people. I got an invite to check out Quechup from a podsafe artist that I dig so I figured I'd check it out, sign up and see what happens. None us need another social network site, but I also think signing up for an account just to check it out is a good thing.

I had it check my address book and it found a whopping 2 people on the network I knew. I sent them friend requests and then proceeded to check out the rest of the site.

Fast forward a few minutes and my inbox starts filling up with auto return messages, out of office messages and all sorts of other things. I couldn't figure out what was going on and it turns out that this system WITHOUT MY PERMISSION just sent invites to my whole address book.

Hey staff at Quechup, what gives you the right to do that? I'll reach out to my contacts when I believe in something, but don't you dare do it without my permission.

If you got one of these from me I apologize. I don't ever invite or recommend until I think there might be some value in something and right now I'm not seeing ANY value in this site since they are obviously clueless to how things need to work.

This type of shit really pisses me off. Blatant cluelessness is inexcusable.

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