Podcast Expo is Summer Camp For Me

When I was young I went to Summer Camp for several summers. You'd see some of the same folks every year and this was the only time of year you saw them. That is how I feel about the Podcast and New Media Expo that I leave for tomorrow. Lots of great friends that I talk, tweet and listen to all year round, but only get to hang out, drink, chat and have a good time with face-to-face every year at the Expo. cc_graffitti.jpgSo where am I going to be? A little bit of every where for sure. One word of advice that I can give to anyone going for the first time is there are two main places to find people besides in the sessions. The first is the Expo Floor where all the fun happens. Lots of crazy stuff going on in the booths, lots of great companies showing their stuff. The second is the sports bar at the Marriott. This will unofficially become Podcaster Central starting tonight and trust me when I say it will be packed in no time. When in doubt head here to find someone or lots of people who will be your friends in no time.

In case you didn't know here is a recent picture of me.

Also here are some places I know I'll be at. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but these are the ones that are hard wired into my calendar:




  • 11:00 am - Podcasting Pioneer Panel in the iProng booth

I'd give you all my mobile number to contact me, but knowing how insane things are I'll probably miss the call. I will be Twittering plenty from the event, but not sure how much I'll be reading them.

Just do me a favor that if you see me, come up and say hi! I'm sick of coming back from conferences and stuff and hearing phrases like "I saw you but you looked busy so I didn't say hello." No one should ever be so busy that they can't say hello so please nudge the person I'm chatting with and let's talk.

Oh and I'm a fan of scotch on the rocks. Hold the flesh floating in mine. The Twisted Pickle likes his that way.

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