Blogworld Expo

I'm on my way to Blogworld Expo. I've never been before so I'm not quite sure what to expect. Sure, it'll be a lot like the PME and other events of it's ilk I'm sure, but it also feels a lot bigger so I'm curious how different it will be. With so many tracks, so many speakers and of course Vegas as a backdrop it all adds up to an interesting time. 150pxI'm speaking on Saturday about Building Passionate Communities. As with any time I speak, I've got the deck, but depending on who is in the audience I'm ready to change it to fit what they need to get out of it. Personally I think any speaker who can't do that really doesn't know their topic. I watched it happen recently. I'm excited about it and anyone who comes and I hope I answer their questions.

Vegas is not really my type of town. Sure, I enjoy the meals, the shows and last year I was introduced to the fun of the tables by my partner in crime Steve Coulson, but even with all that out of all the cities I've ever visited in the world I just can't "get into" Las Vegas like so many others.

The diversity of speakers at this event is amazing and I'm excited to see of the ones I've never seen before. Curious to hear what they have to say and if it is different then what everyone else is saying. Of course I'm also curious to talk to companies who may be in need of some help to figure this stuff out. While the title of the conference title may give the feel that it is mainly focused on the creation of written content I think we all know it is about much more then that.

If you are attending, I'd love to meet up and connect for sure. I've kept my schedule pretty open so that I can have meetings with as many people as possible. So if you want to grab a coffee, a cocktail or just a corner to chat let me know and we can go from there.

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