BlogWorld Interviews From the .tv Booth

BlogWorld Interviews From the .tv Booth


Last month I spoke at BlogWorld and part of being a .tv Advocate meant that I also spent a lot of time in the .tv booth chatting with people as part of the live stream of video that they were producing at the show.

Being a compensated member of this group has been a lot of fun and having the program enable myself and other advocates to make the trip to L.A. was a great idea. I hope they continue this with other conferences in 2012.

A large number of the videos are now available on the .tv YouTube page, but I wanted to share some of my personal favorites that I got to do here as well because I got to chat with some great friends during my time there. Mitch Joel is a good friend and the host of the Six Pixels of Separation podcast which I take part in when we find time to do a Media Hacks episode. He was very sick when he first arrived, but thankfully felt better and we got to sit down and chat.

Steve Garfield told me he had "a fun idea" for our interview. Since he is a trusted friend I didn't question it.

We sat down and instead of me interviewing him, he flipped the camera on me and interviewed me with his #Penready supplied camera. I can't wait to see his camera's footage of this interview.

Amber Naslund is a woman that I love dearly and on the heels of her inspiring keynote she swung by for a chat. She just announced a new consulting company that I know is going to do amazing things.

Scott Monty and I go way back and I was lucky to get a few minutes of his time to talk about all that is going on at Ford Motor Company. As usual, they've got tons happening. I'm actually heading back out to Dearborn next month to see some more up close.

Finally, Lan Bui gave me a demo of the mobile camera rig that was being used to do livestreaming interviews around the show floor. I'm still amazed that one little black box can make that possible. Damn, I love technology!

I also got to sit down and interview Marc Pitman, Lynette Young and Bryan Elliott. Plus a bunch of other great people swung by the booth for interviews.

Again, they are all on the .tv YouTube page so check them out for tons of great content. The variety of people that were interviewed still makes me smile.

The event was a lot of fun and I'm extremely happy that the .tv booth was such a hit with everyone. It was fun to be part of that excitement.

Photo Credit: BlogWorld Expo

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