Preorder the New RaykoKRB Album

BinaryStar Music is one of the true indie labels out there who I've gotten to know through podcasting. I love the guys and their approach to everything. I can't wait to meet them later this year finally face to face and share a few frosty ones together! They just let me know that the new album from RaykoKRB drops on July 4th and that they are now taking pre-orders. They even made this fun little video to promote it.

[quicktime width="320" height="240"][/quicktime]

I'm certainly going to order a copy. I know the guys would send me one for free, but I want to support them and the artists so I'll give away the one they send me and buy my own copy. :)

I've played a lot of the songs from this on Accident Hash so I know what I'm in for. Pure adrenaline fueled good times summer music. Th type where you pop open the sun roof and try not to get speeding tickets listening to! *grin*

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