The Empty Office

We have new carpet being installed in our living room, master bedroom and the office. Because of this we had to move everything out of these rooms. The only thing in the office besides what is on the walls is my desk and my mac. Feels VERY empty and quiet in here this morning. I haven't put any music even on this computer yet so besides the sounds of the street there is nothing. Feels very weird. Hitting the road today for a meeting. Crazy that I have a conference call during the drive which is something I never do. But, thanks to a headset and miles of straight road it shouldn't be a big deal. Not my first preference, but that is the way it happens sometimes right?

Things are really coming together on the house. The mulching in the back yard makes such a HUGE difference. Every summer we said we were going to do it again and never did. It looks great and completely transforms the back yard. Will make for good pictures to boot. *grin*

Ok, time to get rocking and rolling. Big long day ahead.

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