Packing Day

It is the calm before the storm. The house is in perfect condition from keeping it like this for people to come look at it since it's on the market. There are no boxes. No empty spaces where things use to be. In a short while that will go away as the team of movers sweep down and pack up the whole house. The plan is today they will pack EVERYTHING.

Then tomorrow while we are at the closing they will come and pack everything up in to the trucks and then move it to the new house. I've never done it this way so it feels very foreign and strange, but I'm sure at the end of the day tomorrow when we kick back surrounded by boxes and wondering "ok where do we start" I'll feel better about it all.

Going to be fun trying to get work done today but I'm going to try as much as I can. Our first request is that the office is last so that at least I don't have cardboard boxes going all around me right from the start. *grin*

A new chapter in my life starts tomorrow. I'm very excited.

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