Life, Changes & Breakfast

I just finished having breakfast with Scott Monty. Rather then one of our excursions out to a diner somewhere I had him over to the house and I cooked Accident Hash for us. Over coffee and hash we caught up on a lot of things, talked about his new job at Ford and life in general. Favorite Sign of All TimeSince we first crossed paths at an Ad Club event we've become good friends. I'm really proud of all he has done and all that I know he is going to do for Ford. It is NOT going to be an easy road for him. BIG company and a huge brand. But, I can't wait to see what he does with it. I'm really going to miss having him local, but I doubt we'll ever be that out of touch.

I also read that there is going to be a Scott Monty Roast in the coming weeks. That day is when the family and I are suppose to be camping, so I doubt I'm going to be able to be there, but I'll certainly be there in spirit.

Life is going really well. Lots going on as you've seen from the last couple of posts about client work that is going live. It was cool to see the first videos come in on the What Would You Say channel last night. I'm hoping to see some more.

Last night was cool in that Tom Acousti stopped by and stayed over on his way to NYC. I'm a good half way point for him and I wasn't about to let him stay in a hotel when we have a guest room he can crash in. It was a quick arrive last night, crash and leave early this morning. But, always a room for a friend in the Chapman house.

In other late breaking news *grin* I got CastBlaster up and running on the Mac. Still can't hear myself through the headphones which is weird, but I can deal with that. I can hear the music which is the most important. So yes new podcasts forthcoming. Man, I can't wait to do some. I've got the itch!

The kids are a little wired today. They don't start day camp till next week. I have a feeling these next three days are going to be a bit stressful for me. But, I'll roll with it.

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