Noodle Favor

So earlier today I tweeted about someone asking me for a Noodle Favor and how great of a term I thought it was. JC HutchinsI noticed some people asking what it was, so I figured I'd post here what it is all about.

FULL credit goes to my good buddy J.C. Hutchins for being the first person to ever use it that I know of.

What he was referring to was he had a question that he wanted me to think about for a bit and come back to him with anything good I might come up with. He, like me, uses the phrase "to noodle on" when talking about going away and thinking about something. Not always focused right in on it, but you put it in the back of your head and see what comes of it. I also use it to refer to what I do with a guitar from time to time. I am certainly not playing it, but I do a lot of noodling.

I'm sure that we all have friends that we bounce ideas off of and go to when we want to gut check something. I know I have a small group of very trusted individuals that I can go to. J.C. certainly got added to that list after we hung out at SXSW.

So when he asked for a "noodle favor" I was more then happy to give a little bit of my brain time in his direction.

And that folks, is what a noodle favor is.

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