How the Weather Affects My Work

How the Weather Affects My Work

rainyspringmorning I'm no scientist, but at this point in my life I know that plenty of factors play a role in how productive I am on any day and what I end up creating.

Yesterday, was a typical wet spring day in New England. It was a bit warm, but the yellow, brown mush that would shortly become the grass of my yard was soaked from a morning of rain. Everything took on a tinge of gray and damp.

You can see from the view out my office window that it wasn't pleasant in any way.

Then Allison Kenney asked me this.


I had to stop and think about this because my first instinct was that it doesn't really have that much role.

But, as I challenged myself and those thoughts I realized that some weather does more than others.

Rainy gray days certainly do. They put me in a reflective mood. They make me question decisions. Look backwards and forwards.

At the moment without a job or any income in site, the weather is definitely making my mind go places I don't want it to.

Tomorrow when the sun comes out will my mood instantly change? I doubt it.

I think it is the drastic changes in weather that hit me the hardest. This is the first warm, wet day we've had in a long while so it gets me. That first really nice spring day we have always makes me want to get outside and do nothing else.

If I have tasks to focus on the weather doesn't matter. If I've got free time for my mind to wander than the weather gets in there and tries to do some traffic directing.

Sorry that I didn't have a more detailed answer Allison, but you got my brain going and it is certainly something I'm going to think more about. It might even be a perfect piece of my next book.

Thank you for asking.


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