A Year Without Soda

A Year Without Soda

nuke-and-coke April snuck up on me.

As I flipped the calendar I remembered that last year at this time I thought about giving up soda for a month.

There really wasn't any motivating factor. Soda is something we rarely have in our house and I know it is nothing but liquid calories and chemicals.

Yet, I found myself wondering if I could give it up for a month as a little experiment.

It was easy, so I decided to keep on doing it.

Once and a while I'll grab a sip of my kids soda at the movies, but I never order soda anymore.

It is funny when you stop and think about something simple like this how much of a great change it is.

There are days that I crave an ice cold fountain Coke, but in my mind it isn't worth it.

Ice Tea is my go to drink when I'm out at a restaurant and I've never been in a situation where there wasn't at least water as an option.

Funny how fast a year can go and something so little reminded me of it.

Damn, the human brain is a weird thing.