Life Moves Fast

That sure is the case around these parts right now. Some of you that spent time with me at PodCamp Nashville know that I got an offer on our old house during it. That fell apart quickly and went no where. So when I got a similar call during SXSW I tried to keep thing in check and not tell that many people. But, this one felt different.

I'm not about to celebrate quite yet (yes I can be a pessimist from time to time), but last night we signed the purchase and sale on it. This was suppose to happen on Friday and when it didn't I got a big old pit in my stomach that sort of distracted me from everything else going on. Ripping off some blue ink signatures last night at 10pm sure did make for a nice end to the day.

So for everyone who has been crossing their fingers and holding their breath (thanks Dave) it is one step closer to done. As I've been saying when it finally does go through you'll know! No worries there.

We took the kids by last weekend for one last look at their rooms and swing on the swing set. They had a blast.

Now I'm just dealing with all the administrative things that come with this. Inspections, phone calls, e-mails, etc. It'll be worth it come next week and we have everything done!

In other news that made last night pretty cool, our close friends Laura and Patrick welcomed a new baby girl into the world on Monday. I can't wait to meet her. I'm sure she is as beautiful as her mother. Congrats guys!

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