Walking the Brain (and Roxie too..)

I've been cranking away today on some strategic client work, but was getting lost in the pile of windows, messages and everything else that can quickly fill up a screen at any given time. When I let Roxie out I realized how nice it was and figured it was the perfect time to practice what I preach and unplug for a bit. Good call!

Walking Roxie & My Brain

I took this picture as Roxie and I walked back to the house.

The combination of fresh air and the smell of the woods really let me think about what I was working on. Sure, I had my cell phone with me in case anyone needed to get a hold of me and plus it let me take this picture, but besides that I completely unplugged for 30 minutes.

Some might call it slacking, but it was the best way I could have spent that time. I came back with a head full of ideas that I instantly wrote up on my white board so I wouldn't lose them. The lack of distractions allowed me to focus in on the exact task at hand and give it the undivided attention it deserved.

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