Walking With Nature

Ahhh.... The kids and I took a drive and ended up at Hopkinton State Park today. The weather was perfect. A bit chilly when the sun went away and when the wind picked up off the water, but we had a blast.

Happy FamilyEmily took more pictures then me if that is possible. I haven't gone through her's yet, but just posted mine including this one I took of us. Makes it a bit easier when you have the wide angle on and just hold it out away from you. Also reminds me that I need to shave.

Glad I remembered to pack a snack and some water. After three hours of walking we were ready for a late lunch and then crashing around the house. Gotta love what fresh air does to your body!

We all agreed that we've got to go back there with Laura and Roxie after the trails dry out. Still lots of snow on the ground in the woods so it made for some tough walking. Especially since Emily decided to wear a skirt today. But, no one complained and we were all smiles the whole time. Plus there were dogs everywhere so the kids got to make all sorts of new friends. Too bad that 95% of them Roxie would have used as a chew toy.

Perfect way to spend a few hours on a Sunday. I'm still smiling!

Daddy Taking a Photo

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