Stories & Thai

Yesterday was amazing. The packers came in like a machine and swarmed on the house and within a few hours evertyhing we owned was in boxes, wrapped in blankets or in some way ready to move. Laura and I sat out in the back of my truck for a bit and just laughed at how weird this felt. How we should be doing something! They left and I set up the ghetto new media center which made for a pillow on the floor and a cardboard box for a desk. It did the trick for a few hours till my back started telling me other wise.

Laura had her usual Thursday night Raquetball and then we were going to go to Thai for dinner. This is a big deal because until a few months ago she didn't eat Thai food and it is one of my favorites. The kids are not big on it so we don't go that often.

Then I get a call "Hey honey, we need to go to the ER, I think I broke my ankle!"

We have a hospital literally two minutes from our house, but we drove the 35 minutes to the hospital she works at. I can understand that and didn't give her too much shit about it. Thankfully it's just a bad sprain and not broken which is MUCH better. She has crutches and will be hobbling for a little while.

Isn't it amazing the stories you accumulate over your life. I know we'll always look back at our last night in this house and laugh at the craziness of it all. About how on the way home we found out the Thai restaurant was still open. It was late but they had adorable little kids seating people. About how silly it was sleeping on the mattress and using the one couch cushion they didn't pack as a pillow. So many stories.

Now to go out and get coffee, go check out the house and THE closing!!

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