The Era of Conversation

Once again the power of Twitter shows up in my life and this time it leads to me giving a morning keynote at the October 4th Era of Conversation Conference in Washington, DC. dmaw-newmedia-logo-thumb.jpgI'm excited about this event because it looks like a packed day full of information and interesting people. Geoff Livingston and I connected via Twitter about me doing this event and I'll be speaking along side Valeria Maltoni which is very cool.

I've been working on a new presentation and wasn't sure when I might actually first show it, but this could be the event. After watching Mitch Joel speak, I've really begun to look at presentations as something very different. Thus I want to really focus in on the presentation as much as what I'm saying. Does that make sense? It does in my head. *grin*

So if you are anywhere near DC when this is going on consider registering and attending for the day. If you are going let me know so that we can be sure to meet each other and really have a conversation.

At Least Twitter is Being Honest

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