Keynote in DC

I'm writing this from a little hotel room at the Jurys Normandy Inn in Washington, DC. I'm here to give a keynote at the Era of Conversation event. It'll be the first one I've done using Keynote. I've been a Powerpoint guy for years so this was quite a little shift, but since we wanted to keep the slides to a minimum it wasn't a real challenge quite yet. Last night my host Geoff Livingston took myself and fellow social media freaks Valeria Maltoni and Doug Meacham to dinner. Having not met any of them before it made for a great dinner conversation. I'm still trying to figure out putting bananas in veggie fajitas though. I guess it makes sense on one hand, but on the other it was quite a surprise. After dinner we filmed a video discussing if the term "conversation" has become a cliche.

Certainly made some new friends last night and hope to make some more today at the conference.

House Warming, Brunch & Peeling Wallpaper

My Keynote from Era of Conversation