House Warming, Brunch & Peeling Wallpaper

It was an intersting weekend. Actually felt longer then usual which is a nice thing. brunch.jpgSaturday we had a small house warming party. It was great to see a mix of friends. Very cool to meet some of the neighbors we hadn't yet met as well. We were not ready for the summer weather in October, but the beer was cold, the grill hot and mood festive so all was good.

Yesterday, I headed into Harvard Square for brunch. Jeremiah Owyang was in town so John Wall organized a small get together over lots of coffee and yummy food. It was a good time and as someone who's blog I have read for a long time it was great to finally shake his hand and meet face-to-face. Met some other great people as well that I've got to check out their blogs and podcasts as soon as possible.

The picture here was taken on Jenny Frazier's camera. She also had a Lensbaby with her that she let me play with a bit. I've read about them, but had never had a chance to have a hands on play time with it. They are pretty cool. Not sure I have a use for one yet, but perhaps someday I'll add one to my shooters bag.

After the great brunch the family did a little shopping to get the kids costumes and some decorations for the yard for Halloween. The kids insisted we get some decorations, so who were we to argue. A great family meal of cider roasted pork roast ended the night on a high note.

I had told Laura that as soon as we had the party she could start changing the rooms. So guess what? Last night all the wallpaper came down in the dining room. She started picking and as a way to show her that I was cool with it I ripped down a huge strip of the border and that was enough of a green light to send her and the kids off into a tearing party. It was fun to watch and now we just have to get it finished before Thanksgiving when the families come down.

All in all a great weekend. Looks like it is going to be a gray, yucky week. That's ok, I've got plenty to do.

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