The Sting of Reality

It's been a rough couple of days for me. Mainly because I'm not feeling all that well. It's not a cold, the flu or anything else. Just an all around feeling like ass that I can't seem to shake no matter how much sleep or get or food I don't eat. Maybe I just need a good workout or something to break it. Some how I'm thinking that won't help. On top of that I started writing several times a blog post that I was calling "Fuck You Very Much President Bush", but that I kept stopping writing because it was pointless and wouldn't change anything. I just hate seeing that every day this idiot in the White House continues to dig a deeper ditch for America around the world. I'm proud of my country and love living here. But, as long as that jack ass has been in power he has done NOTHING to help the world's perception of us. That's scary when you think about it.

One glimmering of goodness is that crayon is winning some new business and I got to order the new Laurie Jones CD so I'm looking forward to the future. The mailman also just dropped off the book Made to Stick that Britney Mason reccomended I read. Yes, an avatar gave me a book recomendation and I followed it. Weird world we live in right?

So, here I sit feeling yucky, wondering what to attack next. The list is long and full of choices. *grin*

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