This, That and Maybe

I've found that I've been writing more and more in my off line journal. That usually happens when I have more bad things to talk about then good. Or when I just need to be really honest. Sure, I put a lot out here, but at the same time there is nothing like an old fashion paper journal to really pour the dark honest thoughts into right? Jumping on a plane later today for a business trip. Thankfully I've gotten the groove of the business travel down quite well. Doesn't stress me out like it use to. The iPod is full and I've just got to find a book to read. I finished the last Harry Potter last night (loved it) so I'm completely in between books at the moment. Plenty to choose from.

I just booked my train tickets for PodCamp Philly in September. Really looking forward to getting down there. I've been thinking about it ever since Drew and I talked a bunch about it in NYC. Going to be a good time for sure. Podcamps always are!

Ok, some last minute things to do around here. Meetings as well. Then to Logan. Oh joy! *grin*

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