To Do Lists & Moving Forward

Yesterday was a rough day. Between the blog crashes, the first full day of everyone back to the grind and life in general it made for a very long day which at the end of it I was spent. But, sometimes you need your ass kicked in order to get it in gear and that is what it did.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a simple desktop to-do list type of widget? I've got Google Desktop running right now which has some great plug ins, but I didn't find one of these. With all this new real estate on my desktop I want to use it to the fullest and I think having a To-Do list right there at all time that I can add and check off with simple clicks would be a huge help.

I'm liking keeping the iTunes mini player on the desktop. I even re-installed the iLike plug in after some more thoughts. I missed the functionality enough to get it back. Did you guys catch the French Maid TV with them on it? If you don't "get" the concept behind this video series stop and think about it. I've told the creator I think he's a genius and I mean it.

I'm focused. That's good for most. Deadly for some. *grin*

Yes But No But Yes

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