Transformers Theme Song Done RIGHT

Have you heard the utter crap version of the theme song that is going out with the Transformers movie? If not then don't bother. The guys in Black Lab heard it and thought it sucked as well. But, in true new media fashion they didn't just sit around and complain about it. They went into the studio and recorded their own version. On top of that they took all the footage out there from the trailers and cut together a music video for it as well.


I have been DYING to share this with everyone as I got a super secret sneak peek at it and have been rocking out to the song for about a week now. It will be on their next album and I can't wait.

More and more artists are realizing that they can have fun and be creative in this space as well. The people behind the movie Transformers REALLY should wake up and check out this song. It's above and beyond what they already have! Michael Bay, I'm talking to you! *grin*

If you really like what you see (and how could you not?) you can download a hi-res version of the video as well.

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