Cooking to Get Lucky

Those of you who know me, know that I love to cook. I've joked more then once that I try to keep Laura out of the kitchen because I enjoy the fun of cooking and have my whole life. It is fun that now the kids (especially Emily) are getting into cooking as well. I'm going to make sure that Dylan learns to cook, because I agree with this show that cooking is a great way to impress the ladies! Gotta give the kid all the ammo possible right? So, when our client mDialog told us about the show Cooking to Get Lucky that they were producing I was instantly interested. Granted, it didn't hurt that it has Eden Riegel as one of the hosts. *grin*

They are currently running a contest where anyone with a web cam or a video camera can film and upload a question about how to romantically work the kitchen and the hosts will pick entries to answer on future episodes of the show. Plus you can win an iPhone or iPod Touch which is never a bad thing.

The player above shows the first episode, which just went live. I'm not sure about using apples as flower holders, but the recipe for halibut is something that I am going to try since I've been looking for new ways to cook fish for the family since they are rather picky about it and this looks simple enough not to freak them out.

Of course there is a Facebook Fan Page for the show that features a special promo video just for Facebook and all new episodes will be released on mDialog as they come out. You can subscribe through iTunes as well.

If you end up trying one of the recipes on the show, let me know how it turns out because I always like hearing how recipes on shows translate to the kitchen.

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