Virtual World Marketing

Thinking a lot about marketing in virtual worlds lately. Not just Second Life but across the board. The evolution of this space is happening and there is more going on in the dark corners and back rooms that we don't know about just yet. Trust me that the real fun stuff is still to come! I'm still formulating my thoughts completely as there is plenty out there to think about. It feels like Second Life is the current whipping boy of the press right now. Makes sense because there is always a backlash after a round of praise so that is where we are at.

All I know is that if you or your company are thinking about doing anything in any virtual world that you really think about how you are going to measure success and then shape everything towards that. If all you care about is number of visits then perhaps a virtual world strategy is not the right on for you. If you are interested in length of engagement or looking for another piece to a bigger effort then perhaps they are.

No one has all the answers. We are all figuring it out as we go along.

There are tons of worlds out there. New ones are appearing almost as often as new social networks. And I would argue that all virtual worlds should be viewed as social networks as well.

Lots to think about. Lots on my mind. Maybe I'll record a Managing the Gray about this once I get my head all wrapped around it. Not sure.

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