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A few months back when the team at StartCooking came to me and asked if I'd be interested in advising them on playing on the new media playground I jumped at the chance because of the people involved. It's more about the people then anything else in my book most of the time. startcooking144.jpgSo, the other day when I saw that Kathy's passion and drive had resulted in a nomination in the "Best Video Podcast" category in the Podcast Awards, I couldn't wait to tell her and the team the great news. (press release here)

Then this morning I saw Julien sharing the news that the show is currently the #3 cooking podcast on iTunes. I'm not sure if this is the Canadian or the US listing as I know they are different, but either way it's pretty cool. If you haven't subscribed to StartCooking in iTunes yet the link will make it easy for you. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing it in higher resolution soon for people with AppleTV and similar devices.

I also still have to try out the scallop recipe. The problem as I've said before is that no one in the family eats them besides me. Makes it sort of tough as it's not usually a situation where the family is gone but I'm home. They look damn tasty but I want to actually taste them rather then just watching the video.

I've never been a fan of any of these sorts of awards as they always feel like a popularity contest more then anything. But, at the same time it is great to see friends getting nominated. It's nice to look at the list of nominees and recognize so many names.

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