Pork Chops

As you know I'm doing some work with so of course I'm subscribed to the podcast and read the blog. The hope was to learn some new easy recipes to add more variety to our dinners which I do most of the cooking and honestly have been lacking variety due to my lack of time to cook dinner. The latest episode is for pork chops that didn't really have a name but after eating them I'd call them "Spicy Sweet Pork Chops" or something like that. Spice Sweet Pork ChopsI made them last night for dinner and you can see my results here. I didn't tell the kids what was in the sauce because I knew they didn't like mustard at all and they'd turn their noses up right away. Plus, we have a rule in the house that you must try everything and I'll tell you what it is once you'd tried it. Surprisingly they both liked it. Thought it was a bit spicy, but enjoyed it. Of course when I told them about the mustard they both looked shocked. It was funny.

I made a double recipe and didn't have quite enough peach preserves so I think that is why it was spicier then it should have been. But, since I'm a big fan of mustard I didn't mind one bit. *grin*

One thing I realized as I went to cook was that since the recipe was a video I wondered if I was going to actually bring my iPod into the kitchen with me to get all the ingredients and such. Thankfully I noticed that I could grab the recipe as a PDF. I had never noticed that feature before next to all the videos. Going to have to suggest that they make them a bit bigger and more visible since I can't be the only person who has missed that before.

This weekend I'm hoping to try out the Tex Mex Cheeseburger recipe because these look really good and with the rain this week my grill is lonely!

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