Cloverfield Secret Discovered

Sure, it's a catchy headline, but as I got dressed this morning I had a good laugh and a sudden realization. For those of you paying attention, there is a lot of buzz right now around this new movie that is code named "cloverfield" or 01-18-08 that is coming out from JJ Abrams. There is all kinds of theories. Lots of different websites. Everyone is talking about it since the trailer ran in front of Transformers and never gave the name of the movie.

All we know is that the Statue of Liberty loses her head and things blow up as people run away and scream. Outside of that no one knows the answer.

So today I put on my t-shirt that has "01-20-09" on it. If you do no know what that stands for it's Bush's last day.

Notice that the dates are very close? I know for damn sure that they are not connected, but the humor possibilities cracked me up. It's screaming for someone to take and turn into a video. Go watch the trailer. Then think about the possibilities.

I just can't stop laughing about this. I guess I have a whacked sense of humor.

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