Rambles, TravelCC Chapman

Aliza Sherman and I

Rambles, TravelCC Chapman

I realized last night that I had not taken a photo of Aliza Sherman and myself here in Baltimore. Can you believe I didn't bring my big camera with me on this trip? Opted for the smaller compact one which I haven't used in a while and still love.

I took this from the panel after we were all said and done. Now I'm hopping a plane to Nashville and she is headed to Florida later tonight.

Looking forward to writing up my experiences here at the ETC Conference because I learned a ton about a market segment I didn't know about before. If you are coming to this blog for the first time based on me mentioning I was going to write it up in my panels I promise it will be here soon. Just have to collect my thoughts and actually write it down.

Great to meet all the super inquisitive people at this conference.