My ooVoo Day

You may have seen posts around the web talking about My ooVoo Day and I'm happy to say that I'm part of it as well. My ooVoo Day

On February 11th if you'd like I'll be online for two hours to chat with anyone about anything. It would be great to connect and you can sign up here.

I've played with ooVoo for a while now. It is good to see that they are finally out with a Mac friendly client because I think the ability to do live video chat with five other people is a very powerful thing and something that a lot of people can benefit from.

What makes me most happy about this day is that I was told that I'd have $1500 to donate towards charity. I am a HUGE supporter of giving back in any way possible so this made my day. I'm splitting my donation between the Frozen Pea Fund for breast cancer and the Ma Chen- Autism School in China that my good friend Whitney is championing.

The screen shot is from the sign up page and includes a few of the other great participants. I'm personally looking forward to signing up and chatting with others such as Mitch Joel and Scott Sigler as well.

Hope to see you there.

Aliza Sherman and I

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