On This My 35th Birthday

As I type this, the clocks are about to roll over to December 19, 2008 which marks my 35th birthday. Now I'm not one who gets hung up on age and most days if you ask me how old I am, I actually have to pause and think about it because it is not something I worry about. It is more fun to always be a kid at heart and not focus on one's own mortality. But, I'll tell you that once you have kids the fact that you will die eats away at your brain more then you'd ever imagine.

So what does this day hold for me? We had planned for my sisters to come down and for Laura and I to go out for a nice seafood dinner, but with 6-12 inches of snow called for, that isn't happening. Instead I'll most likely be cooking my own dinner. I went out tonight and bought some good steaks, scallops and mushrooms. Add to that a nice bottle of red wine and it should make for a great dinner.

Much has happened in the time I've been on this earth. Heck, just these past five years have contained so many achieved goals and new challenges that I am excited and inspired by what the next five will hold.

My Last Picture as a 34 Year Old

I took the picture mainly because I wanted to capture my last hour before my birthday. Tonight I listened to the three latest episodes of Nocturnal by Scott Sigler while doing out my holiday cards. Quite a combination. I wonder what I'll be doing exactly a year from tonight.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes I've already gotten ahead of time and for the ones that I'm sure will come in via this post. I've been truly blessed with an amazing family and a great set of friends around the globe that all make life a bunch more interesting.

A Great Birthday

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