Get CONTAGIOUS in 2009

My good buddy Scott Sigler asked if I wanted to take part in his latest diabolical plan for world domination and being a good little junkie of the Future Dark Overlord how could I say no? CONTAGIOUS is a hardcover horror/thriller novel that hits book stores on December 30th. I've already pre-ordered several copies and I know it is going to be a LATE night of reading when it arrives because I don't want anyone to spoil the ending for me.

Contagious PosterOf course, Scott being the podcasting novel pioneer that he is, has already started reading the book and releasing it on his podcast that you can subscribe to in iTunes or from New episodes will hit the feed every Sunday.

To help get the word out about the book and people excited for the story, Scott has released 12 limited edition posters that each give a hint towards the major plot points in Contagious.

Rumor is that if you put them all together in the right pattern that there is a big clue to the climatic finish of the book. I've got the one poster shown here (click on it to get a PDF version), but the other 11 are scattered around the web for you to find.

But, being the nice guy I am, I wanted to share where you can find all the other posters. Just promise me that if you figure out the clue you'll tell me because even though Scott is a good buddy he doesn't let me in on any of the really dark and fun secrets!

The other sites taking part in the poster fun are:

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