Stress Comes With Being a Good Dad

Being a Dad is the most rewarding thing in the world and if you are doing it right then it has moments that are nothing but pure stress. The Boy and MeYesterday was one of those days. Dylan did some stupid stuff at school and my afternoon went straight from cruising along to permanent distraction from the stress of his actions. I kept trying to get back to the pile of things I wanted to get done, but I just couldn't focus. I hadn't had something like that sideline me in a long time.

Everything is fine and in the grand scheme of life it is not a big deal, but it was one of those life lessons that a father has to teach a son.

We took a walk out into the woods behind our house to this big boulder and sat on that for a while talking about a lot of different things. It was a good bonding moment and one that I hope sticks with him. Plus, for me it got me in the woods where I can always re-balance and calm down. My "cathedral of the pines" as I've called it more then once.

There are a lot of core values that as a Dad I must instill in my son. I know that as he turns 10 in a few weeks those lessons are going to continue to become even more important and that things are not going to get any easier. Double digits? Wow did that sneak up on me!

I wouldn't trade being a Dad for anything in the world, but damn it can deliver a mean right hook to your brain some times! *laugh*

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