Bjork and Coffee Gum Drops

The subject line has nothing to do with reality. In the WAY back early days of my blogging I use to make random titles to see if anyone was paying attention and this is what randomly popped into my mind this morning. No idea where the second part came from but the first came from me having "Shh...It's Oh So Quiet" by Bjork in my head except that I was replacing the word quiet with busy. Weird, random and who knows. Just finished recording a new Accident Hash which felt damn good. Listening back to it, I got a big smile being able to play The Black Crowes. Shake Your Money Maker is one of my all time favorite albums that I can put on at any time and just listen all the way through. Great for a sunny day and a sunroof as well.

Have to run out first thing this morning and mail some things with deadlines. Just waiting for things to open so I can do that before I dive full head on into the day.

Went and got a massage last night. Laura had gotten me one for Valentines Day last year and I had never cashed it in. Only the second one in my life and my first deep tissue one. Weird how getting sore can make you feel better when it is done right. *grin* Totally relaxed me and something I'll do again for sure. Even had a nice chat with the owner about how to leverage new media for her marketing. I guess Laura told her what I do since she started the conversation.

Elections in New Hampshire didn't go as I had hoped yesterday, but I'm not losing hope. Lots of fights, votes and campaigning still to go.

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