SMC & Turning Three

Last night I was asked to moderate a panel at the Boston Social Media Club called "Beyond Blogging: PR and Today's Social Media Revolution" It was very strange to be presenting at Bentley College in what was known as the Upper Cafe when I was there. Over a 100 people turned out and if you couldn't make it, panelist Laura Fitton on her blog shared a cheat sheet we gave out. Also on the panel was Mike Prosceno, Ian Lamont and Lois Kelly.

The audience had lots of questions and I tried to direct the panel down paths I thought would be of interest to people. We certainly had interesting conversations surrounding everything on how to avoid being a shill, transparency, listening and example of some companies who have embraced social media correctly and not so correctly.

After the panel, there were break out discussions and I lead the one on podcasting. It was great to feel the energy of people looking to embrace a new technology but being smart enough to ask questions first. Once the official fun ended some of us hit Watch City Brewery for drinks and more conversation. Always a good time.

Yesterday was also the three year anniversary of Accident Hash and I celebrated it by recording a special podcast for the troops. I'm now going to burn it to CDs and those are going to go into a batch of care packages for the troops. I can't tell you how happy that makes me to be able to be part of that.  I stayed away from ranting and focused on the tunes. So far people have reacted very well to it. Listen here if curious.

Ok, it is a raining out right now. Cold, dark, yuck. But, I've got a design meeting first thing this morning that is the exact opposite. I love when life hands you contrasts of reality.

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