C.C. Chapman and SXSW

I've learned that before every major conference it helps to post an up to date picture and my vitals to help people find me. Now, I'm not as cool as Chris Brogan and have a schedule all together. As a SXSW Newbie, I'm going to go with the flow and take the advice given to me by some veterans of "be a sheep and just go with the flow." Sounds good to me.

C.C. Chapman - March 4, 2008If you really want to know, here is what I know to be true about me and my time in Austin:

  • I will be checking mail on my phone from time to time
  • I will be catching up on e-mail every morning at a minimum
  • I will be Twittering a bunch, but not sure how much reading of Twitter I'll be doing
  • I will be getting DMs from Twitter to my phone
  • If you want to call or SMS me my number is 508-241-1062
  • If you do send me a text message PLEASE say who you are as I don't have a whole lot of numbers in my new phone so I won't have a clue who is telling me to "come down and do Tequila shots with me now big guy!!!" (and trust me that if you send me that text message I want to know who you are)
  • This picture was taken on Wednesday so short of some scruff it is what I'll mostly look like
  • The only two events that I know there is no way I'm missing is the Social Media Breakfast on Saturday and my How to Rawk SXSW panel on Tuesday. Everything else is an official maybe.

Other then that I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. I'm VERY good with faces, but not always so great with names, so help me out and remind me where we met before so I don't look like a total idiot.

And of course I'll have my camera with me pretty much everywhere I go taking pictures of the whole experience and uploading to Flickr.

I will also be grabbing everyone I know to get on camera with me to give me advice for SXSW For Newbies. Hope you don't mind. (and if you do just let me know)

Really looking forward to the whole experience!

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