Austin So Far

SXSW has been an interesting experience so far to say the least. The sheer volume of people and things to do is amazing. Zach and I shot some great interviews yesterday for SXSW For Newbies. It was great to bump into old friends and new ones in the hallway and get them on camera. I know I'll forget some, but I know we chatted with iJustine, Cali Lewis, Alex Williams and Ariel Hyatt yesterday. All gave great advice and I appreciate them taking the time to chat.

Nights here are a mass of parties that move as a sort of swarm. You get bored or have had enough at one and a quick Twitter will let you find out where the next gathering is. Of course my nighted ended last night in a back room of the Courtyard Marriott opening up bottle after bottle of wine and drinking with Gary Vaynerchuk and tons of others. The fact that a chilled out party of people drinking wine was too loud and was going to get broken up contained a nice bit of irony for many of us.

As with most conferences it is about what happens in the hallways and restaurants outside of the actual panels that makes this so special. I've finally met some people that I've been itching to for a long time. Jackie Huba and JC Hutchins are definitely two people that I'm psyched to have finally shook their hands and chatted their ear off! And maybe by the end of this trip I'll stop hugging Ariel, but I doubt it.

Lots going on, but little time to write or even upload photos. I've taken plenty of them and someday I'll get them up. Kind of fun and exciting to be focusing more on video then anything else. It has been a long time for me and it is exciting indeed!

As I Pack Up From SXSW

C.C. Chapman and SXSW