As I Pack Up From SXSW

I haven't completely formulated my thoughts on my time here at SXSW, but I can safely say that it was an event that changes things for me.  Every conference I go to in the future, every speaking engagement I do, every hallway conversation I have I know I'll look back at these days in Austin. The content at SXSW was amazing. I'm still buzzed from some of the keynotes *grin* and can't wait to get home and really put my thoughts down. I met a ton of great new people and found out about companies that I want to use in marketing programs in the future. All in all the power of the hallways was bigger, better and more profound then anything I've ever seen.

Chris Brogan and I were talking about this yesterday and found out that we shared the same thoughts. He talked a bit about it in this video we shot the other day as part of the SXSW For Newbies series I was doing while here. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with him even though we live in the same state. I think I need to make sure that changes in the future.

I want to write more, but the reality is that I've got to pack up my hotel room and head on into the airport. I know that at a minimum Clarence and I are on the same flight. Got to spend some quality time with him as well.

Lots of quality time with lots of quality people. That is how I'm going to sum up SXSW for right now.

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