Free Nine Inch Nails Album

This morning Nine Inch Nails released a new album called "The Slip". Big deal right?

NIN - The Slip

It is a big deal because they released it for free on their website. No hooks. No gimmicks. 100% Free. Plus, the key word is "they." No label involved here. The band released it the way they wanted to.

On top of that they released it under a Creative Commons license so that you can play it on podcasts, use it in videos and share with as many friends as you want.

Of course, I downloaded it as soon as I heard about it (saw first mention on Twitter) and after one listen through I really like it. A couple of really good tracks on there. Sure, there are some throw away ones as well, but isn't there always?

I can't wait to play a track on Accident Hash. I've always said that NIN was one band that I'd love to play. Now all I have to do is get a track from Prince and I'll be all set. *grin*

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