I Wish Every Tuesday Was This Good

I spent today in a small room in Needham, MA speaking at the New Marketing Bootcamp. It was a small, highly interactive and curious crowd which made for a great day. Plus I got to meet people like Paul Gillin who I had only read before, but it is always nice to be able to shake someone's hand and say hello in person. Personal highlight besides meeting some great new people was walking out and chatting with Chris Brogan while we found our cars (and later waved to each other as we made similar confusing u-turns). We usually only get to connect virtually or when we are both out of town attending a conference, so catching up on everything off the grid is always a welcomed change of pace.

I also learned of two new tools today that I had never tried so I'm kicking the tires on both. BatchBook is a contact management system targeting small business. The other is MarsEdit which is an offline blogging tool. So far both are interesting enough that I'm going to give them a solid month to see what I think. If either is a keeper I'll let you know.

Tomorrow is a full plate full of meetings, brainstorming and delivering. As if that wasn't enough I'm psyched to be interviewing the team behind Ask a Ninja. Then I jump on a plane for work in Pittsburgh and New York City.

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