Manson Valley

Today the idea got thrown out to go looking for the ranch where Charlie Manson and friends hung out. We never did find it, but we did turn around in Trent Reznor's driveway, hike through a crazy valley and had a great time all around. We played around with the idea of shooting a music video for [munk] and we did get some fun video and I got some great shots. This is one of of my favorites. It was worth laying down in the dirt to get it for sure.


After our little adventure we went back to Mark's house to kick back outside and have some good discussions about a lot of things. Then we went to Los Toros for dinner and now I'm sitting at the airport waiting to take the red-eye back to Boston. Quick trip, but worth it on all levels. Still grinning from the surprise on Mark's face.


Surprise LA Trip