Memories in a Picture

We did some cleaning and reorganization this weekend. Seems to be a constant thing in most people's lives and lately I seem to be finding things that I want to frame and hang on walls. While hanging a print of this picture taken by Andrew Darlow at the first Podcast Expo I noticed the date on the print. November 12, 2005. Wow! PodShow Music Gang

Realizing that last week would have been the three year anniversary of this picture really gave me a cool pause to think back on how much has happened in those three years.

The picture represents the first batch of music guys that got involved with PodShow. That afternoon we had recorded a podcast pool side and really had a great time. It was the first time we had all met each other face-to-face. It is funny to look at this and then think about what each of them is doing these days.

If you don't know who they are, in this picture from left to right starting in the back is Mike Branum, C.C. Chapman, Mark Hunter, Marcus Couch, Michael Butler, Julien Smith and Canis Lupis.

I was explaining this morning to Emily that one of the reasons I take so many pictures is to capture memories that we might lose otherwise. I haven't thought about this day in a long time, but the minute I saw it I got a rush of memories from that day. Who was there. What we were drinking. What was on our minds at the time. Instantly brought me back to that sunny day by the pool with my friends.

Life moves REALLY fast. Make sure you capture as many memories as possible. Makes for a great Sunday afternoon reflective.

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