Nokia N810 Discount

PodShow has connected me with another great sponsor and this time it is Nokia. Best part is that I can promote it across all my channels and shows as I see fit so that maximum number of people can use the discount code if they want.

Nokia n810 Up Close

If you have been thinking about buying a Nokia N810, you can now order one and put in promo code AccidentHash and get 15% off your order. If you do order one let me know and then let me know what you think of it. I just got mine and I'm still getting use to it.

So far I like it a lot. The keyboard is fine for quick messages, but I can't imagine doing more then that on it. The web browser works great and there seems to be a growing developer community for it because I keep finding new applications to add to it. Best part was opening it up and finding Skype waiting for me which is the one application I can't seem to live without.

I'm still trying to figure out the media player piece because as of right now I can't seem to get it to connect to podcasts, but I know that it can do it. So I'll keep trying and figure it out. I'm also eager to try it out with Seesmic since it has a built in web cam.

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