Poker Cards and Cage Fights

Steve and I are here at the New Media Expo for a mix of business meetings, supporting the community and vacation all rolled in one. As you can see here The Advance Guard brought some fun schwag to fit right in with the vibe of Vegas. The thought is we can combine this with the poker chips from the Coverville 500 and have some real fun. The Advance Guard Cards

I hope that people really listened to Gary Vaynerchuk's opening keynote today and took everything to heart.He hit on some points that are near and dear to my heart and I hope people really listen to him and follow his advice. People need to realize that magic doesn't happen that often and you've got to work VERY hard to get the success you crave.

Day 1 has officially drawn to a close,but we all know some of the best business and best fun happens after hours so I'm looking forward to what happens in Vegas. Of course we all know the marketing slogan of "what happens in Vegas....." so we'll see how much of it I can blog about. I did hear rumors of a cage fight between Midwest Teen Sex Show and iJustine. Oh the possibilities!

PodCamp Montreal

Gary V Opens Up the New Media Expo