Quick FYI About The Advance Guard

I'm getting a lot of questions today about The Advance Guard which is a cool thing. Not sure if it is coming from my interview on GeekBrief.TV or just from the conversations in the hallways of SXSW. Either way I'm not going to complain about it. The quick FYI on The Advance Guard is that Steve Coulson and myself launched the company in 2007 to help brands use social media and emerging technology to create radical marketing programs. We've worked to date with some great clients including Verizon FiOS, Stand Up Films, St. Martin's Press, Trivya and American Eagle Outfitters.

The second question we get a lot is "what about the web site?"

The truth is that we've been so busy with our clients that we haven't had a chance to put up something permanent. We have been leveraging our Facebook Group quite a bit to keep people updated on what we are doing and who we are working with. We like to think of it as our living press release. We have one of our designers working on the site so you'll see something eventually. *grin*

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail.

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