Quick Turn

I know I was just here a few days ago. I just know it. I'm sitting at Gate C31 at Logan Airport waiting for my flight. I just got back from Pittsburgh a couple of days ago and now I'm headed out to Las Vegas for the New Media Expo.

BlogCon2002 is OverThe last time I was in Vegas it was 2002 and we were doing something called Blogger Con 2002 which has nothing to do with the conference that later came along. It was just a bunch of bloggers who wanted to meet each other, shaving a head for charity and video taping a couple getting married. It was an interesting trip. This photo was taken as me and some buddies (including Big Mike) were checking out of the hotel.

Last night I watched a bunch of videos from the New American Music Union that American Eagle [client] has up on their site. They were professionally shot and look great. Plus it is the only place you can watch them. If you watch nothing else I suggest The Black Keys who ripped it up and The Raconteurs who really impressed me. I bought both of their albums yesterday based solely on their NAMU performances. Good stuff.

Something very different about this trip is that I didn't bring a camera. I really wanted to go lite and didn't want to have to worry about the camera. It feels weird, but I think it will also feel good at the same time. Strange I know.

If you are going to be in Vegas the two places I know that I'm going to be is the Friday morning breakfast with mDialog [client] and the Coverville 500 concert. Everything else is up in the air.

Safely in Vegas

Day 2 in Photos from the New American Music Union